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Last updated: 19/02/2024
A trip to Athens is incomplete without visiting the Acropolis hill! The Acropolis is the highlight that everyone wants to see while being in Athens. That also means that it’s a good idea to know how to get Acropolis tickets before you go. This blog post will give you all the ticket information you need.

Book a tour

The easiest way is to book a tour that includes tickets, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can leave the ticket issue up to us and join us on an unforgettable Acropolis tour! When you join the Acropolis Tour or the Acropolis & Acropolis Museum Tour, we arrange the tickets for you. Just sit back and relax. In case you are just looking for some information or you are just curious about the details of your Acropolis tickets, please read on!
Photo: Parthenon temple on the Acropolis Hill

What should I know before I buy tickets?

Before you rush and buy tickets, you need to know what type of tickets to get.

There are several Acropolis entrance fee categories. In short, there are full price, half price, and free entrance tickets. To see in what category you belong, please read the information under the heading How much are Acropolis tickets?. When you are staying more days in Athens and planning to visit more archaeological sites, you may decide to purchase a combined ticket, more info further down.

When you decide to buy Acropolis tickets, please note that the tickets have a date and time slot. Tickets are only valid in the time span you choose. The time slot defines the hour that you have to ENTER the Acropolis. Once in, you may stay as long as you want.

Acropolis tickets are not refundable. You will not get your money back and you cannot change the date of the tickets once bought.
Photo: Acropolis tickets

How much are Acropolis tickets?

As mentioned before, there are several Acropolis entrance fee categories. Season, age, and nationality are parameters for the price of Acropolis tickets. Please note that we didn't make up the rules! We love ❤️ to guide anyone, regardsless of age and nationality.
Let me sum up the different tickets for you:

First of all, Acropolis tickets come in two seasons; summer and winter. Not only tickets are divided into two seasons, but also Greeks think only in Summer and Winter terms, Spring and Autumn do not count. There is the beloved SUMMER and the less important winter.
For the Acropolis tickets, summer season runs from 1 April – 31 October with adult tickets for 20 EUR. While winter season runs from 1 November - 31 March with adult tickets for 10 EUR.

☀️ Summer ☀️

1 April – 31 October

❄ Winter ❄

1 November – 31 March

Age is a sensitive matter when you are growing older but if you have the courage to show your ID or passport when you are a senior from the EU, you get rewarded with a 50% discount during the summer season. Also children and young adults from non-EU countries have reduced entrance during summer. So only 10 EUR for people over 65 from EU-countries, and young people under 25 from outside of the EU.

There are always lucky ones who don’t need to pay for a visit. Children and young people under 25 from EU countries have FREE entry. To get your free entrance ticket you need to show official proof (valid passport or identification card) which states the date of birth and nationality.

- 0-4 years old - Free
- 5-24 years old from the EU - Free
- 5-24 years old from NON-EU - €10
- 25-64 years old - € 20 summer | € 10 winter
- 65+ years old from the EU - € 10
- 65+ years old from NON-EU - € 20 summer | € 10 winter

In case you got jealous of the ones who get free admission, no worries, there are some days a year that the Acropolis has free entrance for all!

Free entrance days:
• 6 March: In memory of Melina Mercouri
• 18 April: International Monuments Day
• 18 May: International Museums Day
• Last weekend of September: European Heritage Days
• 28 October: OXI Day
• Every first Sunday during the winter season - (1 November – 31 March)

In case you have the ability to choose a free admission day, please note that it can be extra crowded. It’s not only free for you that day, but for everyone.

What does the Acropolis ticket include?

No matter what type of Acropolis ticket you buy, you’ll have access to the same things on the Acropolis hill. You can use your ticket to enter the Acropolis site from the main entrance, pass
• the Odeion of Herodes Atticus
• the temple of Athena Nike and
• the Propylaea
to reach the top of the hill with the
Parthenon and
• the Erechteion.

The ticket does however also include the north and south slopes of the Acropolis. Another option is to enter the Acropolis area from the south entrance as we do in our Acropolis tour! Then you get more out of your ticket as you also see
• the theatre of Dionysos and
• the sanctuary of Asklepios
before you pass all the other monuments on the Acropolis hill.
Photo: The Caryatids on the Acropolis Hill

Combined tickets for culture lovers!

When just the Acropolis doesn’t satisfy your cultural desires, then the combined ticket is what you need! This ticket gives you one-time-access to all main archaeological sites in Athens, including
• the Acropolis
• the Ancient Agora
• the temple of the Olympian Zeus
• the Kerameikos
• the Roman Agora
• Hadrian’s Library and
• the site of Lykeion.

The combined ticket will cost you 30 EUR in total and is valid for 5 days. There are no discounts for this ticket. Summer or Winter, Senior or not, this combined ticket always costs 30 EUR. Besides the Acropolis, entrance fees for other sites are between 4 and 10 EUR.
Photo: Athens combi ticket


When you decide that a visit to the New Acropolis Museum is a nice enrichment to the monuments of the Acropolis hill, please note that Acropolis museum tickets are not included in the combined tickets. Tickets for the Acropolis museum for adults are 15 EUR during summer season and 10 EUR in the winter season.

- 0-4 years old - Free
- 5-24 years old from the EU - Free
- 5-24 years old from NON-EU - €10 | € 5 winter
- 25-64 years old - € 15 summer | € 10 winter
- 65+ years old from the EU - € 10 | € 5 winter
- 65+ years old from NON-EU - € 15 summer | € 10 winter
Photo: Parthenon marbles in the Acropolis museum

Are you visiting the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum?

- 0-4 years old - Free
- 5-24 years old from the EU - Free
- 5-24 years old from NON-EU - € 20 | € 15 winter
- 25-64 years old - € 35 summer | € 20 winter
- 65+ years old from the EU - € 20 | € 15 winter
- 65+ years old from NON-EU - € 35 summer | € 20 winter

Where do I buy tickets for the Acropolis?

Now you know which ticket to get, finally the answers to the questions on how and where to purchase them. There are basically three ways to obtain Acropolis tickets:

The traditional way, go to one of the entrances and get your ticket at the ticket booth. This way you don’t have to arrange anything in advance but you risk waiting in line, and in summer it can be a long line in the sun. Afternoons are usually a bit better than mornings, and the south entrance better than the main entrance, in case you want to take the traditional path.

If you don’t mind paying a machine instead of giving your money to a person, you can use the ticket machines near the entrances of the Acropolis. Acropolis ticket machines accept VISA and MASTERCARD. Lines are usually a bit shorter at the ticket machines, but you can only purchase general admission tickets. For reduced-price and free admission tickets, you still have to pass the ticket office with valid identification cards.
Photo: Acropolis ticket machine


If you’re comfortable with online purchases, then get your Acropolis tickets online! Just visit the official website for Acropolis tickets. Select the date, time slot, and number of tickets, pay with your credit card, download the tickets and use your smartphone to open the gates to the Acropolis. Be aware that reduced-price and free admission tickets cannot be obtained online. You have to go the traditional way and pass a ticket office to get these tickets.
When you have obtained your Acropolis tickets, ENJOY the greatness of the monuments!
How to get Acropolis Tickets Athens
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