Who We Are

We bring you to the heart of the Greek capital.

Long ago, the goddess Athena was the protector of Athens, accompanied by her sacred animal… the Little Owl
Little Owl Tours leads exciting walks through Athens’ highlights. Little Owl believes that everyone, little ones as well as adults, love to hear stories. By telling colorful stories about the history of Athens, Little Owl Tours have an exciting and friendly character. The use of visuals stimulates the senses to experience the city’s roots. So, let us guide you through the mythical and historical roads of the Greek capital!
Little Owl Tours are exclusively in Dutch or German. A Little Owl group is always a little group, with a maximum of 20 persons, to create a unique visiting experience. Little Owl guides are licensed guides and members of the Association of Licensed Tourist Guides in Athens.
“Although they are only breath, words which I command are immortal” - Sappho, Words c. 600 BC

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