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Let our Acropolis Museum tour guide show you the heart of the Acropolis Museum!

Visit the new museum, which opened its doors in 2009, and discover the most precious objects found on the Acropolis. Wander around the original sculptures and get an idea of their colors and decorations in antiquity. The Acropolis Museum is both an architectural beauty and a treasury with some of the most valuable classical antiquities in the world.

The Acropolis museum is one of the best museums in the world. As the name says, the original finds of the Acropolis are displayed here. Besides the collection, the museum is also worth a visit because of its design: modern, spacious, and minimalistic with architectural gimmicks. Furthermore, the excavated antique quarter underneath the building can be seen through glass floors and can be visited since June 2019.

When you visit the Acropolis museum, you will see the most exceptional antique creations of the Acropolis. Take a look at the real Caryatids, the columns with a female body, from the Erechteion temple which are freely displayed on the second floor. Admire a unique collection of Archaic sculptures on which the sunlight plays wonderfully with these marble works of art.

In addition, get insights into the design of the last floor: the Parthenon Hall. In this room the Parthenon, the largest temple on the Acropolis, plays a key role. Admire the original decorations of the temple such as statues from the two pediments, that depict two important myths, the Parthenon frieze, and the metopes.

Let our Dutch or German-speaking guide take you on an Acropolis museum guided tour to see the authentic finds in the Acropolis Museum. Experience what the Acropolis Hill with its monuments looked like in ancient times. With the help of modern techniques, such as videos and reconstructions you also get a better idea of how they were used. It's not just about what you see, but how you see it; so join us on a tour of all the highlights during an Acropolis museum tour!


  • Encounter the original Caryatids from all sides

  • Gaze upon original Parthenon sculptures

  • Wander around the biggest collection of freestanding marble Kore-statues in the world

  • See the excavated neighborhood through the glass floor of the museum


Adults/ Teenagers (12+)
€ 40
+ entrance fees: Nov – Mar: € 10 / Apr – Oct: € 15

Children (5-11)
€ 20
Free entrance

Under 5 (0-4)
Free entrance


   1.5-hour guided tour in Dutch or German
   State-licensed tour guide/ archaeologist
   Skip-the-line entry
   Small group (max. 20 persons)
   Hotel pickup and drop-off


Metro station Acropolis

Location: Outside of the Metro station Acropoli (Exit "Makriyianni/ Dionysiou Areopagitou")
Finding your Guide: Your guide carries a sign that says "Little Owl Tours"